tribological behaviour of thin film coatings against high

Effect of Single and Duplex Thin Hard Film Coatings on the

Jul 15, 2017 · In aluminum extrusion process, tool steels used as die materials suffer from mechanical, thermal and tribological stresses causing plastic deformation, wear and heat checking during hot metal flow. Thin hard film coatings like TiN, (Ti,Al)N and CrN are preferred in order to improve the surface properties of the tools.

Effects of diffused hydrogen atoms on thermomechanical

Jul 13, 2021 · T. Zhang, D. Xie, N. Huang, and Y. Leng, The effect of hydrogen on the tribological behavior of diamond like carbon (DLC) coatings sliding against Al 2 O 3 in water environment, Surf. Coat. Technol. 320, 619 623 (2017). Fretting Behaviour of PACVD Deposited DLC Coatings The aim of this study was the investigation of the fretting wear of industrial and newly developed multi-layered coatings. The tribological behaviour of flat DLC coated specimens was investigated in fretting mode I and fretting mode II against different ball counterbodies namely, corundum, 100Cr6, and DLC coated 100Cr6 using a broad range of strokes, frequencies, and loads.

Influence of temperature on tribological behaviour of

Influence of temperature on tribological behaviour of DLC coatings under lubricated conditions up to 250°C R. Wäsche *, R. Ehrke, H coating against -alumina counterbody is about 2.5 times higher than against silicon films at elevated temperatures. Thin Solid Films Non-stick syringe needles:Beneficial effects of thin film Aug 30, 2016 · This paper reports on the use of Zr-based (Zr53Cu33Al9Ta5) thin film metallic glass (TFMG) for the coating of syringe needles and compares

Room and High Temperature Tribological Behaviour of W

HiPIMS non-hydrogenated film is the more tribological, performing either at room or high temperature (150 °C) due to the much more compact morphology, which avoids the detachment of hard W-C particles, which are responsible for more efficiently scratching the film surface. Sliding mechanisms in tribological contact of TMD-C was relatively high whatever the carbon content was [9, 11]. However, the rapid film failure typical of pure tungsten disulphide was not observed and the coating wear rate was quite low (Fig. 1(b)), result attributed to the significant increase of the hardness, from

Synthesis, structure, and tribological behavior of

Synthesis, structure, and tribological behavior of nanocomposite DLC based thin films Varshni Singh Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, [email protected] pure Cr and Cr3C2 target, (c) high resolution C 1s peak for Cr-DLC films and TRIBOLOGICAL PROPERTIES OF TiAlCrN THIN FILMSTRIBOLOGICAL PROPERTIES OF TiAlCrN THIN FILMS Received:November 15, 2009 Abstract. The dry sliding wear of monolayer TiAlN, TiAlCrN and multilayer TiAlN/CrN coatings have been investigated against alumina counterpart. All tested films were deposited using ca-thodic arc evaporation with Ti/Al and Cr cathode.


Increasing substrate temperature results in high density and low roughness, enhancing the tribological properties of TiAlN thin films. The coatings showed an increase in adhesion in the final stages of the ball on disc test which increased the load capability of the surface, generating a strong dependence of friction on superficial fatigue Temperature-dependent tribological behavior of MoSx thin Abstract Understanding the interaction between the structure and the tribological properties of sputtered molybdenum disulfide films at elevated temperatures is essential for their use in industrial applications. Therefore, the friction and wear behavior up to of 400 °C of one stoichiometric MoS 2 and a sub-stoichiometric MoS1.6 film are investigated against 100Cr6 counterparts.

Ti Si C Thin Films Produced by Magnetron Sputtering

of MAX phases as a thin film has drawn much attention to these unique materials and introduced a new field of 15-18 potential applications. This is a group of ternary sys- terns that combines the benefits of ceramics (resistance against oxidation and a high decomposition temperature) with metals (ductility, electrical and thermal conductivity, Tribological Behaviour of DiamondLike Carbon Films used Diamondlike carbon (DLC) coatings can be used in automotive applications due to excellent tribological behaviour such as a high wear resistance and very low friction coefficient. 1, 2, 4, 5 But the mechanical properties of these films depend mostly on the proportion of sp 2 to sp 3 carbon bonds and hydrogen content. 6

Tribological and Functional Coatings - Fraunhofer IWM

Tribological and Functional Coatings publications. One of the keys to reducing friction and protecting against wear is to coat components with diamond-like carbon (DLC) or hydrocarbon layers. Further functions of components like reflection, sensors and barrier effect are adjusted via PVD coatings. Tribological behaviour of chromium nitride coatingTribological behaviour of chromium nitride coating . Physical vapour is an atomic deposition process for thin film coatings in which material (i.e. solid or liquid) is vaporised in was used to evaluate the wear behaviour of coating against the cylinder liner. The load was applied on pin by dead weight

Tribological performances of graphiteMoS2 coating at

May 21, 2019 · The tribological performances of the graphiteMoS 2 coating deposited on the disc specimen, whose material is GCr15 steel, are experimentally investigated under high temperatures. Effects of graphite content, applied load, rotational speed and test temperature on the coefficient of friction and wear scar width of the coating are evaluated. Tribological properties of hard carbon films on - OSTI.GOVMar 01, 1991 · A tribological investigation was conducted on the graphite-to-diamond-like behavior of hard carbon films produced on SiC, Si{sub 3}N{sub 4}, and ZrO{sub 2} substrates by means of ion-beam-deposition. Friction tests were performed on a ball-on-disk machine with pairs of various ceramic balls and disks coated with hard carbon films in dry and

(PDF) Tribological behavior of thin film coating-a review

Each coating technique differs in many respects such as form of Thin film metal coatings are being used for tribological applications feed stock materials (powders, wire, rod), coating thickness, sub- [1-3].

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